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pretty much everything

I threw my chips in with an infant startup, and emerged a few months later with a real brand and a dope custom apparel platform.

Pimp yoself


camp counselor

I traveled to a 'summer camp' style startup accelerator as the design counselor (and more) for a bunch of little campers.

The memories

Dos Toros

storyteller (deal with it sagmeister)

I helped the two craziest, most passionate restaurant owners ever take their off-the-wall culture and brand to a new level.

Guac it outGuac it out


sports reporter

I designed a place for fans who just can't consume enough about their teams to be on the inside with the coaches and players.

Team up


getting to know people

I made it easy to get addicted to telling this startup everything about yourself while you're busy comparing yourself to others.

Only sounds bad

iphone photographer

I did a happy feely good vibes brand for this new e-magazine and fundraising platform, and then carried the feels onto the site.

Not a pepsi ad


exuding testosterone (ironically)

I made it enticing for pro athletes and their fans to face off in some game that probably has lots of guns and homophobic teenagers.

Fkn Fight me rn

& more! (dribbble)

desperately seeking approval whateva I want

Every shot I make is animated, often screen recordings of crazy (sometimes absolutely bonkers) CSS animations, so click in.

Ball so hard
My Feelings

I'm all about designing for emotions,
so naturally I have a lot of them.

I believe that the path to great, truly original creative work starts with living a life full of unique experiences. I believe it needs you to allow yourself to feel deeply, even for the emotions of others. And I believe it requires you to be authentic, and act on your feelings, bypassing the "what will people think?" filter.

It's indirect, sure, but I believe that's the source of the inspiration and the character that kind of work comes from. I think that's what it takes to create unique things that people actually feel a connection to. Those things are what I'm working towards. All my design and tech skills are just tools in the toolbox.

Being passionate isn't a cliche. It's a dope-ass super power.

When I was 16 years-old, I dropped out of high school to go full-time with the freelance web design practice I had going. I'm 22 today, and since then I've worked for a few different agencies, gone through the wringer in the startup world, and moved around the country, finally calling New York City home.

Part of me lives for unique experiences. I invite total strangers to crash at my place through, practice public improv challenges, and climb urban structures. My favorite thing to do on weekends is skateboard all over the city covered in glitter and dressed from head to toe as Spider-Man, eyes open for opportunities to explore something new.

I'm always open to hearing from people interested in working together, but regardless, I'd never say no to a chance to meet someone new and climb a tree together or something.

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